Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July Adventures

May as well start off on a funny note - Sitting in town last Friday having a drink and a bird dropped an egg on Shaun!!! we have never laughed so hard!!!!! Shite it was funny!!

Kimbo & Hayden called in - They are halfway through an OE and having a ball

Me & Kim

Our LOVELY neighbours, to say "Merci" to us for looking after their dog, took us out on their boat. They were living on it for 10days over the summer. I can tell you that NOTHING beats jumping off a boat into the Med!!! We had a great time. We went off the coast of Toulon to this cool Island...It was amazing.. and we were Maia-free so had an even better time..

View from boat

Shaun on boat.. Thierry even let him drive it!!!!!

Walking through the Island after lunch..