Monday, April 30, 2007

Shauns Adventures

Shaun has been getting out and about and leaving his Wife and Daughter at home!!! hahaha..

Paris for ANZAC Day
Shaun with his 9 Euro Glass of Beer.. ($18 NZD!!!!!) and this was one of the cheapest.. There are places on the main drag that sell beer for 14 Euro's!!!!

Off to a soccer match with Brad (an Aussie pilot) and Marty (when he was over a couple of weeks ago)

Friday, April 27, 2007


We have had a busy month....but things are still going well.. Been here about 6 months now!!!!!
Marty and Vonny came over for a week with Enya and Moya. We had great weather which made their stay just great!!!

We brought a new tent for our trip to Corsica in a couple of weeks...

Shaun and Marty playing ... (hell I can't spell it, but you know what it is)!!!

We went out for dinner in Aix. Shaun and I had been to this restuarant before so we took Marty and Vonny there but it was a disapointment this time!



Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Family Ride

We had our first family ride today.... Maia wasn't too keen on ALL the bumps!!! We are not sure if her bike seat is meant for Mountain Biking!!!! Hahahaaaaa

Games, Games and More Games

The guys had a few hours to kill before the headed back to NZ so a the good old national game of France was played (Well that is what you would think when you see it being played in soooo many villages)
GP, Shaun, Steve and Pete!!!

Arles - Les Baux & Glanum

On the 11th March we did a ticky tour around Arles/Les Baux de Provence/Glanum and back down the coast. Sorry these have taken so long to get onto the blog.


Maia on the beach at Carro

Loving the sand

Ewwwwwwwwwww It's in my toes!!!!

View of the beach

As above


I can't find my notes on Glanum, but from memory it was discovered by this guy in 1921 and has been being excavated ever since. It dates back to 2000BC (??) I think. It was just amazing walking around it.

View as you walk in

As above

Me & M

Shaun and Maia take it all in from the viewpoint.

Shaun and Maia down at the water. It was amazing to think of people years and years ago walking down the same steps.

Walking through the ruins.

Roman Gutters!!!!

Maia in what we think would have been a sink or bath??

and again......

Prior to 1921, this was the only visable part of the city (and it was actually over the road). Everyone thought that this was all that was left of it.
This place is just amazing!!!!!

A wicked waterfall on the way

A view of the village. (Thats it up behind the rocks)

This door used to be the ONLY entrance to the village.

Me in front of the door...

One fo the old streets - I just happened to take the pic as this old lady with 2 walking sticks came around the corner.

Shaun and Maia

An old ruin.

Well we went to Arles.. but no pics were taken!!!!!