Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I was "finally" allowed to have a child-free weekend at the start of May and jetted off to Monaco with 4 other Eurocopter widows!!! Had a great time....
Monaco all set up for the Grand Prix
Typical Street

"The Girls" Sari, Me, Linda, Tab & Jenneke

Wicked View
Prince Rainers Grave

Couldn't resist a pic under this!!!!


Well,we survived our first camping trip with Maia...JUST!!!! she didn't really enjoy it much and it was quite hard to toddler proof the tent!!! I also got sick on teh way over so had a wicked headcold the whole time... but corsica was still an amazing place...

We arrived at the Ferry a bit early, only to find our ship was delayed another hour.. which meant we had to wait in the queue for about 4 hours!!!!! There was alot of "Maia entertaining" going on.

More entertaining..........

As above

Finally on the "Love Boat".. Shaun and Maia leaving Marseille

Maia in our cabin.

Our camp site
Heidi & Maia on the beach

Shaun and Maia.. Calvi Beach (100M from the camp ground)

Maia in her sand chair!!!

Me on top of Calvi

Shaun and M

Heidi & Maia at the St Florent Citadel

Us in Ajaccio