Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jan 07

Well I don't know where winter is supposed to be as apart from this day above, we have been having GREAT weather... We are just waiting for it to pack it in. The fog when we woke up this day was unbeleiveable... Shaun just about crashed on the way to work as he didn't see a roundabout!!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


These photo's pretty much sum up our time in Ireland.. :-) Who are these FREAKS!!!!!


We went off to Barcelona between Xmas and New Years.. Had a great time but Maia got sick which was a bit of a bumm so we came home earlier than we would have liked, but still had an awesome time...

Shaun and Maia in Sete....

Our recent purchase...

View from our hotel... and yep, the building/road works went on ALL NIGHT

This guy was amazing.. he was one of the statues along La Rambla.. you threw him money and he would do tricks.... They are so statue like though that you don't realise they are actually people...

Heidi and Tabitha

Will and Maia asleep at the same time..... only ever happened once..

Went up to the Monserat... It's a monestry that still operates today, but is pretty touristry. Cable car ride up was fun.

We walked UP about 1.5hrs... took only about 30mins to get back down...

Heidi and Maia outside the Gaudi church that is still being built.... tourist central!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wedding Pics

Finally.. Here are a few pics

Group Shot
Maia coming down the Aisle

Windy Wellington


Joey, Stace and Heidi
Bridal Party