Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plaster Girl

Yep... I am still in plaster, but am alot happier than I was last week. Mum thinks that my molars were causing me grief also so that combined with my arm made me one pretty unhappy chappy.. This week has been heaps better, but the Dr told mum that my plaster still needs to stay on for one more week. So it's off next Friday!! Woohoo.. back to proper baths again.. I miss splashing around.

As you can see.. it hasn't stopped me exploring!!!

Avec Papa apres son VTT (MTB in English)

Ready to head out.

At home on a hot day...

I love to hide here.. whenever Mum can't find me I am pretty much always in here... sometimes I get stuck and I have learnt to yell "STUCK" hahaha

Peek a booing through my new tunnel.

Outside today.. Dad brought me some animals from ToysRus.. a HUGE bucket full.... I love animals. When mum and dad say "Elephant" I raise my arm like an elephants trunk and make a elephant noise, with monkeys I scratch under my armpits, dogs I woof, cats I go "erwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" like scareface claw, crocodiles I snap my hands together, fishies I move my mouth like a fish, cows I moo and thats about it.. .I think I need to learn some new ones.

I am such a parrot also... I repeat so many things but my favourites are, Mummy, Daddy, Casey (a dog), Bella, Book, Botts (Bottle), Nanie (Banana), Maia, Nan, Pops, Nana, Barbie, Dolly, Bonjour, Merci, Au revior, Poo's, Car, Outside, Kiwi, (as in the fruit), Bibbie, Hattie, Jersey, Shoes, Socks.. Man the list just goes on and on... :-) Mum and Dad still think it's really cute when I talk but I know in a year or so they are going to be telling me to "SHUT UP" so I may as well do all the talking I can now..

Helping Daddy wash his car today..

Friday, March 09, 2007

Saint Cannat/Aix

Us at one of the many Aix markets...

Good shot of our house that Bron took..


Last weekend we took a trip to Monaco. It was great as there was hardly anyone about.

Great view!!
Maia donging her head against the pole

Shaun & Maia

Us in Monaco...

Maia loved crusing the streets on Shaun's shoulders!!

One funky wee street

Talking to the birds...

This was one of the strips they use in the Grand Prix

Knackered after a long day

We had Bronwyn with us as we were dropping her at her 2nd language school for her next 3months of training. This was the view from her apartment in Villfranche-sur-mer!!!

And a couple of cool shots as we went through Nice...